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Geofencing Marketing | More Than a Mouthful | Velocity Agency

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Geofencing marketing is the practice of using global positioning or radio frequency identification to define a geographic boundary, and it’s being utilized more than ever! This week, Burger King made headlines with their latest marketing campaign. Beginning on Tuesday, consumers can open a newly revamped Burger King app and venture within 600 feet of a McDonald’s location. This will trigger a deal within a geofence that allows them to order a whopper for one penny. Consumers are re-routed to the nearest Burger King location for pick up. This promotion has been named #WhopperDetour and will only run through December 12th. …

McDonalds Mascot For Happy Meal: Happy | Velocity Agency

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McDonald’s let Twitter followers in on a happy little addition last week when they released a photo of their new mascot. Bulging eyeballs and big smiling teeth, a Happy Meal box appropriately named “Happy” made his debut to the internet. This fictional character was created as “an ambassador for balanced and wholesome eating” pushing the idea that kids will be happy to choose healthier options like apples and yogurt in place of french fries in their McDonald’s boxes. These good intentions that began in France in 2009 have sparked mainly negative jokes about the new face of the fast-food chain …