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Let’s Talk About Layla!

Who’s ready to meet another proud employee of Velocity Agency? I know we always are! Today we give the spotlight to Layla Sutton, our newest addition to the social media department!

Layla hails from a small town in Snow Hill, North Carolina, but her love of music brought her to New Orleans. Upon her first trip to New Orleans, she fell in love with the food, culture and most importantly the vibrant musical climate. Growing up doing music in church, she transitioned to being on her high school drumline and continued her passion for music education at East Carolina University. In that time, she was always writing in journals. She took up blogging and social media when Myspace made its debut (remember that?).

Since she moved to New Orleans almost three years ago, things changed very fast. Layla started working part time for her father with his media and marketing business that he and his wife had created. Layla began to notice that her love for working with people combined with taking loads of psychology and education classes in college made her a natural at working in marketing. She’s always liked monitoring people’s behaviors, and now she’s doing it through a computer screen. She has previously taught preschool music at St. George’s Episcopal School as well as music at the Louisiana Academy of Performing Arts where she still teaches percussion lessons now in the afternoons and on the weekends.

Outside the office, she is also the lead singer for the New Orleans Ragweeds, the percussionist and vocalist for Sunshine Brass Band, drum set for the Tiny Furniture Ensemble, and has played with the New Orleans Volunteer Orchestra. When she’s not working, she’s also checking out new brunch spots, watching live music, laying by a body of water somewhere, and playing with her blue heeler puppy named Brother. Sounds like a great new addition to the team!

Digital Innovation

Moving Towards Virtual Reality: How Did We Get Here?

Virtual Reality is no longer just a plot for a movie about the future, nor is it just limited to video gamers. Goldman-Sachs stated, “We see qualities in VR/AR technology that can take this from nice use case to a device as ubiquitous as the smartphone.” Marketing and media experts say VR advertising could completely change the marketing game within the next two years.

71% of consumers think a brand that uses virtual reality is forward thinking. VR is predicted to impact nearly every industry, but in particular, education, travel, journalism, health care, architecture, and marketing. Just as businesses had to make their web presence responsive for mobile, they will soon have to become accessible with VR. Typically, many brands will rush to utilize new technology and techniques before they understand the platform. It is imperative to look first at what other brands are currently doing with virtual reality.

TOMS, a shoe brand that rose to fame in 2006 by also being a charity to underprivileged kids, has already begun utilizing VR. TOMS takes their users to a remote village in Peru where they show the consumers how their TOMS purchase helps children in need. The user not only knows that each time they buy a pair of TOMS that it another pair goes to a kid in need, but also they experience that exchange themselves and, suddenly, it becomes real.

Mercedes has quickly risen to the occasion as well and showed off it’s latest SL model with a virtual drive on the Pacific Coast Highway in California. With the tool of virtual reality, users were able to look around the interior of the car, peer up through the sunroof, and watch as the car navigated through the road. This virtual experience also explored the convertible mode, where the user can see the Pacific Ocean. This experience is the closest consumers can get to test drive a car without actually test driving it.


While some claim the world may not be ready for VR technology, videos utilizing the tech have already racked up millions of views. A VR viewer that can attach to any phone called Google Cardboard has sold millions of units and has millions of clicks on its related videos. Forward thinking companies will recognize the appeal of VR advertising. VR immerses you in a virtual world from all angles, naturally, this would make VR advertising the most immersive form of marketing. Imagine an advertisement that is more than a static video, but an immersive world designed for the viewer to explore as they familiarize themselves with your brand. This is the world Velocity Agency is helping create!

Marketing experts are monitoring what they think will be highly useful in the marketing and media world. Imagine that you are in the market to find a hairstylist, and suddenly Virtual Reality could let you tour different salons before you make your decision. This is just one instance of how VR will help consumers make educated purchases. The question is not when will VR be widely used, but is your brand ready?

Click here to watch Velocity’s VR videos!

Market Information

Heineken vs. Pepsi: How to Leverage Today’s Sociopolitical Climate

Today’s sociopolitical climate makes it essential for companies to tread lightly when it comes to advertisement. By now, you’ve probably heard all about the latest Pepsi ad. Many argue that any publicity, whether negative or positive, is good publicity. Pepsi has been swept up in controversy in connection with an ad that depicted Kendall Jenner solving the tension between protesters and police with a can of soda and a smile. This controversial ad did not go over well with its audience and was pulled almost immediately after it aired. However, Pepsi’s mentions on social media were up more than 7,000% the day it debuted. In total, Pepsi was brought up more than 1 million times across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

It’s difficult to tell if Pepsi’s purpose in making the ad was to stir up controversy. Despite the ad being called a tone-deaf take on “protest as brunch,” as well as “a trivialization of civil rights activism in America,” Pepsi may be onto something. Controversy is no stranger to consumer marketing today, and the statistics show that maybe this wasn’t the big PR blunder that it was made out to be: a large percentage of minorities — namely Latinos and African-Americans — viewed Pepsi more favorably after watching the ad. A whopping 75% of Latinos said the ad made them more favorable to the soda brand, while 51% of African-Americans said the same. Only 41% of whites said the ad made them more favorable toward Pepsi.

If social media in 2017 has shown us anything, it’s that no matter how bad the PR move, there will be another brand waiting to steal the spotlight shortly thereafter. Competing companies will sit back and watch as companies like Pepsi generate outrage online, all while plotting their marketing move to heal the wounds.

Directly following the Pepsi ad fiasco, Heineken stepped up to the plate. Heineken decided to launch a much longer video campaign that would show completely different people settling their differences over a crisp and refreshing beer. Consumers received this ad especially well after the Pepsi fluke. Heineken’s ad is an example of how companies turn another company’s PR trash into their treasure by learning from consumers. Social media platforms have been miracle workers in this way, they give valuable insight into consumer behavior, thoughts, and values.  Companies now have an inside look at what their audience wants, and when they make a mistake, they will never hear the end of it.

Here at Velocity, we are always identifying and examining what resonates with our audiences. 55% of local online consumers across 60 countries say that they are willing to pay more for products and services provided by companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact. Welcome to 2017, where beer is sold by pulling your heartstrings and say goodbye to the ads of the 80’s, where babes in bikinis were the secret weapon of selling.


Market Information

Building Brand Loyalty

Creating and retaining a loyal customer base is essential for any business. A study conducted by Facebook shows that more than 3 in 4 adults in the US return to the same brands over and over again. Marketers commonly define brand loyalty as a pattern of consumer behavior where consumers become committed to brands and make repeat purchases from the same brand rather than competing ones. In this case, the consumer believes that the brand meets their expectations and identifies with the consumer on a personal level:

Some famous examples of brand loyalty include:

  • Mac vs. PC
  • McDonald’s vs. Burger King
  • Coke vs. Pepsi
  • iPhone vs. Android

It goes without being said that consumers must be convinced to be brand loyal. That is, a significant amount of effort must be put towards creating a loyal consumer relationship. So, how can you drive brand loyalty? The five drivers are commonly defined as awareness, relevant differentiation, perceived value, accessibility, and emotional connection. Here are some easy ways to garner brand loyalty:

Further your brand’s accessibility by using technology –

In what ways can your company utilize digital technology to make an impact on your customers’ lives? Perhaps you can develop an app that will allow your customers to access your services more quickly. The goal is to create a symbiotic relationship between you and your customers.

Use real people from your organization to create an emotional connection –

Leverage executives with the organization. The executives in the company are aligned with the brand. They help put a personal face to the brand and give your customers a person with whom they can relate. The core values of a company are important to consumers. You develop trust by re-emphasizing the company’s mission statement.

By learning as much about your brand as possible, we’re able to gain valuable insight into how your customers interact with both you and your competitors. Then, we will work towards building a meaningful relationship between you and your customers. Start a conversion with Velocity Agency today, and we’ll start forging those integral relationships.

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