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YouTube Advertising & Your Brand

Everyone knows YouTube. You’d have to be living under a rock not to. People spend hours watching an array of content including music videos, tutorials, and so much more. Since the first video upload in 2005 to today, YouTube has become a global phenomenon. So much so, in fact, consumers now watch over 1 billion hours of YouTube videos a day, that’s more than Netflix and Facebook videos combined.

With all this content being pushed out in front of so many people, it seems this would be a great medium for advertisers to get their brand out, right? Correct! Advertisers have a gigantic audience pool to choose from. In fact, YouTube has over 1.9 billion users logged in monthly and is the second most popular social media platform. YouTube is also the world’s second largest search engine as well as the second most visited site after Google.

With such a large audience pool to choose from, how do advertisers sift through and find the right audience to target? Well, another benefit of video advertising campaigns on YouTube is the immense targeting abilities. General targeting options include pinpoint location targeting, age, gender, language, parental status, and household income. However, with the power of the Google Display Network, targeting can get even more detailed. For instance, advertisers can target certain placements and content as well as certain audiences with an affinity for your brand. Advertisers can also target by in-market audience as well as certain life events. The combinations are endless!

YouTube video campaigns also offer a number of different video and non-video formats that can be utilized according to the objectives of an advertiser’s campaign. Is the campaign objective brand awareness? Is the objective product consideration? What about sales, leads, or website traffic? There are definitely formats for that.  Formats include TrueView in-stream ads, where viewers can skip a video after five seconds. One benefit of these videos is that the advertiser only pays when the viewer has watched at least 30 seconds or the entirety of the video if the video is under 30 seconds. Other formats include non-skippable pre-roll ads, non-video discovery format, and short, six second bumper ads. Along with the correct targeting as well as the right formats, advertisers are sure to get their brand in front of the right audience.

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