To Vine or Not To Vine, 4 Ways Your Brand Can Benefit


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As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words (or $1 billion if you’re in the Instagram camp). But what could be more powerful than an image? Try a six-second video. Everyday more businesses are joining the Vine bandwagon to experiment with video content creation.

As consumer attention is saturated with emails, texts, and Facebook posts, companies are constantly finding new ways of creating and sharing content. Like Instagram before it, Vine allows for cross-platform integration, specifically with Twitter, which is likely another reason the new platform is being embraced by the business sector. This past week the Tribeca Film Festival not only embraced, but legitimized the status of Vine by awarding 6 Vines for their #6SecfFilms contest.

So, how should brands begin to create, share and promote themselves on this new social platform?

1. Show me, don’t tell me.

For B2C brands, this is the best way to showcase their products. Don’t pitch your   products, let consumers see and judge by themselves. Choose your approach depending on your customer. Urban Outfitters, for example, pushes new products and lines by creating hip and funny Vines, targeted towards their younger consumers.

2. The medium is the message.

Need to get a message across?  Video messages are certainly more impacting, engaging and interactive. With Vine, messages are kept short and simple while maximizing impressions.

3.Let consumers create content for you.

There is no better way to interact with customers than to bring them on board. Getting consumers to contribute not only aids in content creation it also helps make promotions more interactive and helps you visualize how consumers view your brand. Vine is a great app for contests and getting new and refreshing ideas.

4. Bring new meaning to old content.

Re-leverage your old video content with Vine.  The app offers a better way to share video content on Twitter, so brands can create short previews that link back to their original videos.

Is your brand on Vine already? Share your experiences with here!

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