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Velocity Agency teamed up with Susco Solutions to get their new app, Carebacks, national press coverage before this past Memorial Day weekend.

Within 24 hours of our first press release, the Huffington Post published this story on their website. Other local news stories followed thereafter.

Susco Solutions has been hard at work developing the app, which is already available on mobile browsers and the android market. Carebacks is coming soon to iOS.

The app allows users to securely connect their credit card numbers to their profiles, and make donations to those they meet and want to help. The online transaction is then converted into a 4 digit pin number which the recipient can take to local retailers and use for the purchase of food, beverages, and every day necessities excluding cigarettes and alcohol.

This ensures the funds will not be put to misuse, and allows app users to donate in confidence. The donation can also be tracked by the user.

Neel Sus, founder of Susco Solutions is excited and hopeful the app will revolutionize the way we help the homeless and others in need.

“I can’t put into words how excited we are to reach this milestone,” said Neel Sus, Founder of Susco Solutions. “With the launch of CareBacks we now have a scalable platform which will help alleviate suffering and promote generosity.”

Carebacks can currently be redeemed at The Salvation Army, select Breaux Mart stores, select Winn-Dixie stores, Believers Life Community Food Center, select Magnolia Discount stores, select Brown Derby stores, and select Quicky’s Discount stores.

Donations made to The Salvation Army can be used to pay for shelter during the night.

“I strongly feel that this has the potential to change the way person-to-person giving works on a fundamental level,” said Sus, “But this is just the first step. We’re going to learn very quickly from the New Orleans launch, and use the knowledge as we open other markets.”

As of now, Carebacks is applicable predominantly in the Gulf Coast region, but with a growing list of participating retailers, Sus, and other members of the Carebacks team are hopeful the app will be used across the country.

Velocity Agency is proud to stand behind such a revolutionary app, and looks forward to seeing its success, as we firmly believe there must be Importance in Direction.

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