Why Do People Buy Things?

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There was once a time where the ultra-wealthy were the only people who had lots of things. Clothing was custom made by a tailor, art was commissioned or passed down from relatives, and dinnerware was considered an heirloom. Normal people had fewer possessions because they only had the basics in order to survive. It may be astounding to think that shopping in the early 20th century was very different from what we know today. A Saturday spending spree at the mall was completely unheard of in 1900. However, once the fun of shopping started to catch on, consumer psychology and marketing as we know it was born!

A lot of us could argue that when we purchase an article of trendy clothing it’s not because we absolutely need it. It’s because we want it. However, human nature makes us think we do in fact need certain items for different reasons. The classical definition of marketing is “to connect customers with products.” As marketers, we need to identify those needs and connect the consumer to the product that will resolve those needs. People buy things that don’t need all of the time, and there are many reasons behind their motivation.


Customers buy because they are interested in two things:

  • Getting rid of a problem they have and don’t want.
  • Getting a result that they want and don’t have.

Think about those new running shoes you bought last year even though you had an older pair. These new shoes were said to have less impact on your joints and tone up your body. Therefore, you bought them because you want to lose weight and get a better result.


Customers buy from people they trust. If a customer sees the utility in what you are offering for sale, then they wish to see credibility next. The internet has made this simpler with ratings and reviews on various web pages and social media outlets.


People want to make sure that your product or service is suitable for their current needs. This is the most crucial phase of the three reasons why people buy. For example, the height of the UGG boot trend may have been pretty ugly to look at. However, with celebrities sporting them with every outfit, people still purchased them.

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