Anthony Bourdain

What Anthony Bourdain Taught Us About The World

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Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain was a beloved food critic, chef, and storyteller. Recently the world stopped when they heard of his untimely death. With any celebrity death, news outlets around the country spent their time celebrating his life and uncovering the joys he brought to the world. If we can learn anything from Anthony Bourdain, it’s how to live your life and grow your business. Here what we can learn from the late and great Anthony Bourdain.

Do Everything Unapologetically and Without Fear
“Not having a reputation to lose is a huge advantage.” – Anthony Bourdain
Anyone that watched Anthony Bourdain knows that he was bold, fearless, and always spoke the truth. Whether it would be a slightly pungent flavor in an exotic dish or the economy of a new place he was visiting: he said what was on his mind.

There are no recipes for success; there are best practices for success
Some of the best practices and rules are broken when an innovative business is created. Nobody can tell you which rules to break; however, you can acquire more skill in determining which laws to cut depending on circumstances.

Understanding Human Nature Is Key
Bourdain spoke on the gig that no chef wanted: brunch. “People are foolishly happy to pay $22 for the same two eggs and bacon that they have during the week for $7 or even $3. Give them a free mimosa and a little strawberry, and suddenly they’re happy.” Branding is essential when selling a commodity. When it comes to brunch: bacon, eggs, bread, and strawberries are the commodities, but brunch is the brand.

Learn From Mistakes
“I’m sympathetic to failure because I was a mess most of my career. The line between tragedy and comedy is something I recognize and enjoy.” -Anthony Bourdain 
Anthony Bourdain believed in learning from your failures and turning your failures into success.

As we remember a true legend, we hope that you can learn from his words of wisdom and his way of life. Here at Velocity, we try to learn from the world around us to become the most well-rounded team that we can be.

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