SEO & Google’s Algorithm: How It Works | Velocity Agency | New Orleans

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Google is making the search engine leg race to the number one spot more exhausting than ever and with the company’s estimated 600 changes to its algorithms made annually, the finish line may never be in sight. Search engine optimization (SEO), however, remains such a crucial ingredient to ensure organizational success. In layman’s terms, an algorithm is a recipe that instructs a computer on how to complete a given task. Google’s algorithms pertain to yielding search engine results that are relevant to the users search queries. Today, Google’s algorithms take into account around 200 factors when determining website relevancy, a …

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Three Simple Ways to Conquer SEO

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It’s only natural that search engine optimization (SEO) intimidate small business owners, because it puts them between a rock and a hard place. The online marketing strategy is meant to garner more web traffic, which means that a higher amount of business leads come to the business’s website. These leads are then converted into sales, and that’s how SEO makes businesses money. According to a study released by OutBrain, search engines are the best drivers of traffic to content websites, a sentiment that’s echoed by statistics showing that 93% of all online experience begins with the use of a search …