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Getting The Most Out Of Your Halloween Marketing Strategy

Halloween digital marketing campaigns are best when they feature storytelling. Brands typically plunge right into marketing their products and services for Halloween. Just last year, Halloween spending peaked at $9.1 billion in 2017 and this year, it’s expected to reach $10 billion. People are spending more money on decorations, candy, costumes and haunted house experiences than ever. Velocity Agency specializes in Digital Marketing and we know social media. Here are some ways that successful brands have created great social media campaigns.

Decorating your social media profiles

Your social media profile is your digital storefront. You can spruce up your social media profiles by adding a splash of Halloween with the color scheme or cover photos. Velocity Agency has a graphic design team that collaborates with our digital marketers to make sure that our holiday marketing stands out.

Seasonal Discounts

Your audience may expect special offers. As with any holiday campaign, you can attract more engagement for your offers by using social media. Try doing a Halloween-themed giveaway on Facebook or polls on Twitter. Once you establish the winners, make sure that you send them their unique promotional codes and gifts.

Host a Photo Contest

Halloween already gives everyone the chance to wear silly costumes! As a brand, you should embrace it and host a photo contest on social media and engage your followers. If costumes seem too cliche’ for you, you can instead host a competition for food creations or decorations.

The reason why Velocity Agency stands out above the rest is all about how we can conquer it all. As the Holiday season approaches, we hope that you have your holiday marketing plan ready to go! From concept creatives to executing the plan, Velocity has got you covered. Learn more about what we can do for your brand today!


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