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Victoria’s Secret Marketing Isn’t a Secret Anymore

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Victoria’s secret may be out of the bag! The lingerie industry is going through a massive change. Rail-thin models are being replaced with a variety of body types as self-acceptance and natural beauty are replacing the norms of the past. This new attitude is threatening to everything that Victoria’s Secret’s marketing is known for.

Aerie pioneered a movement when it abandoned photoshop in 2014 and launched a campaign called #AerieREAL. It has advertised women that have other body types beyond the thin models that are usually showcased.

However, there has been a shift in the demographic as well. Women say their perceptions of what’s beautiful and sex have inherently changed. Women know now that they can have curve to be healthy and wellness is now the new goal.

Other lingerie brands don’t even hire models and invite their customers to share their own pictures with them through social platforms like Instagram and use these photos for marketing.

However, Victoria’s Secret has not changed much when it comes to their models, or their target demographic. Their target demographic for marketing is men. Earlier this year, a Victoria’s Secret Facebook photo got heat for being so overtly sexual that some people thought it bordered pornographic. Customers on Facebook were furious and called it trashy and questioned if the underwear advertisement was for women or for men.

More than half of Victoria’s Secret panty reviews are from men, and that might be a huge reason why they continue to keep the same marketing strategy. Although marketing to men has been successful for Victoria’s Secret for many years, there has been a steady decline in their sales as women flock to other lingerie brands. In addition, women are now seeking comfort instead of sex appeal.

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