Taking Tips from the Experts: Make Your YouTube Legendary

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I know we’re a little late on the game, but the team at Velocity Agency would like to formally wish Youtube a happy anniversary! While Youtube is now well into its tenth year (It shares its birthday with Valentine’s Day), the site has yet to blow out the candles on its celebration. This past week Google continued the festivities and released a comprehensive list of the best Youtube videos, ever.

Over the past ten years, viewers have been unknowingly taking part in a vote for the most memorable and groundbreaking ads of the decade. Millions of views, paired with the opinions of industry experts, have helped to identify the “Top Ads from the First 10 Years of Youtube”. Aside from their remarkable ingenuity, these videos represent a transformation in the world of advertising. Youtube ads have allowed consumers to experience a new level of authenticity, amusement, and most importantly- engagement. Unlike traditional one-sided marketing, consumers are now capable of engaging and responding with their interests and opinions. Consumers are seeing what they want to see. Consumers are actually enjoying ads.

So how can you join the trend and have your consumers pressing replay?

  1. Give yourself some extra time. Advertisements are no longer limited to thirty second clips. Take the time to let your viewer get to know you and your story.
  2. Be epic. Don’t think like an advertiser, think like a filmmaker. Allow yourself room for some creativity and drama. Viewers share content that makes them feel something.
  3. Get people excited. Whether it be for a new product or an upcoming event, publish your ads right before the promotion and keep them running throughout. Not only will consumers be aware early on, the ad will remain relevant for longer.

So watch one of the below videos, get inspired, and start a conversation with your customers. You never know, maybe you’ll be on the list in 2025.


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