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The Summer Experience of a Velocity Agency Intern

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Upon receiving the news that I would be spending my hot summer days in an advertising agency in New Orleans, my mind began racing what my first day at Velocity would be like. I have to admit I did my fair share of web stalking and even going as far to check out the clients that were scattered all around Velocity’s website. I was impressed but unsure of what the next few months would hold.

As an intern you aren’t exactly in a position to request a job in an office, however this company was smart enough to highlight the strengths of its employees (even down to the lowly interns) and after mentioning my journalism degree and interest in writing I was immediately suggested to write blogs for Velocity Agency and a few clients. This was exciting, but also very nerve racking due to the high intensity and fast-paced rate at which my co workers completed sometimes (what seemed to me) as impossible tasks. These people worked their tails off everyday and always took pride in finished products for multiple clients as if they were for their own personal company.

My love for the series Mad Men gave me preconceived notions that my new internship would be full of cigarette smoking creatives on one side of the building and bossy account managers on the other. However, during my time at Velocity I saw that even the creatives were business-minded, and the money managers were constantly thinking outside the box. I learned a little from every angle within the agency, from graphic design to SEO, and while working side-by-side yet in different departments they blended beautifully.

Although usually in great spirits, like every great business, things weren’t always peachy around here. Many times I would come in to work only to find my group frustrated with a client’s constant need to change a detail they spent countless hours on or upset with the way a project turned out. Usually these stressful moments were cooled down and fixed within the hour and the agency always seemed to pull-off practically anything that was asked of them.

My glimpse into the advertising world, thanks to Velocity, has been more than anything I could ask for. I had bosses who did nothing but encourage, co workers that genuinely had me excited to come to the office everyday and an agency that continues to do amazing work for their clients any chance they get.


-Kara Campbell

Velocity Agency is a digital marketing and advertising firm specializing in digital and internet marketing & advertising, print, web design, graphic design, film, and HD video promotion and post-production. Velocity serves clients all over the United States from our Metairie, LA office just outside of New Orleans by strategically implementing proprietary tools and techniques to get you the most conversions for your business through lead generation, cost-per-acquisition, and top line revenue.


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