“When I grow up, I want to be just like Facebook.” -Twitter

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It’s that time again — the social media gods got restless and decided to change the way we use Twitter; this time, making it look more like Facebook than ever.

At first I didn’t like the new Twitter, but in the name of progress (and this blog), I tried it out. A few hours into the change, it kind of grew on me. Here’s what’s new:
Twitter’s new layout allows users to choose a cover photo which is practically identical to the Facebook profile page. Check out Michelle Obama’s page to see an example @FLOTUS
Although the cover photo feature makes the new Twitter look a lot like Facebook, there are actually a few new features that are unique to Twitter alone.
The new profile page showcases “best tweets” for all your followers to see. Your best tweets (the ones with the most engagement & interaction) are pulled and made bigger, bolder, and more noticeable.
Also on display is a user’s “pinned tweet,” which allows users to select a specific tweet to pin to the top of the profile page to best represent the user. This seems to be an extension of the Twitter bio, which only allows 140 characters.
The last new feature is “filtered tweets.” This lets users view a variety of different tweets based on photo content, video content, replies, or just plain tweets. This will allow users to revisit a specific tweet easily, based on its content.
Although the cover photo does make Twitter look strikingly similar to Facebook, some of Twitter’s features will always differentiate the two; their 140 character limit, handles, and format will always remain classic characteristics that make Twitter the unique social media giant it is.
Visit Twitter today, scroll to the top, and “Try it out.” Tell us what you think.

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