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And it’s another goal! Watching a World Cup game is unlike any other. Every four years, the deafening roar of diehard fans rooting for their home team fills the stadium, and this year’s World Cup in Brazil does not disappoint. The World Cup is an exciting time for everyone, whether you are an avid soccer fan or not. It is unique in the sense that there are no boundaries universally and everyone comes together to cheer their country to the finals. Millions of viewers from around the world tune in everyday to watch their team play and along with the game, there’s another important factor to be seen; the advertisements.

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The World Cup is a great opportunity for its sponsors and companies to reach out to a mass audience in fun, innovative ways. One of these companies whose new campaign has risen to the top is Nike. Nike recently came out with a new “Risk Everything” campaign for World Cup 2014 in Brazil and has been shared, liked, and tweeted so much that it is now the third most watched video on YouTube. Their ad video shows popular soccer players in battle with clones for the World Cup title in “the Last Game.” The scientist and the clones want to prove that riskless football is more effective, and they are successful until Ronaldo Fenomeno (one of the popular soccer players) proves them wrong. He gathers the original players and motivates them to “Risk Everything” to fight for the title.

Nike understands that the World Cup is not just about the soccer; it’s about being brave and risking everything for your goals. They recently released a statement saying, “There’s no greater risk than playing it safe.” This is as true in advertising as in sport. The main thing about the “Risk Everything” campaign is that it is a sentiment that goes beyond sport. Human emotion is sold in nearly all unforgettable World Cup campaigns. Coca-Cola sells happiness, McDonald’s sells fun, and Nike sells personal achievement. For four years, people wait to cheer on their country with unbelievable pride and joy. Every yard the ball is moved and every goal is celebrated with outstanding support.

As the clock ticks down, the fans and players both experience what Nike embodies of personal achievement; weather they win or not. This campaign is so universally accepted and resonates with people from all around the world because “Risk Everything” is understood without explanation. They took a concept relevant to everyone from around the world and made it charming to targeted audiences.

Campaigns like this one from Nike force the viewers to ask themselves questions about their own lives. Am I playing a safe and perfect game in my own life? What are the rules that make it safe to risk everything? What are the benefits to going past my own personal boundaries? What are the risks? What would I do for a Klondike bar? Taking more risks is something we can all do, whether it is in the World Cup, advertisements, or our daily lives.

Enough with playing it safe. #fearnothing


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