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How do you only display digital ads to users interested in your brand? The current solution is retargeting. Over the past decade, new online technologies have made it possible for websites to interact with your browser and privately track your navigation.

Retargeting or re-marketing aims to fix a problem most marketers face online: users abandoning or “bouncing” from their client’s site before completing an action (“converting”). Whether you want a user to buy a product, submit a form, and/or sign up for a newsletter, retargeting will follow your website visitors throughout their online sessions. Regardless of their navigation after visiting your site, tracking pixels allow your digital display ads to appear. Thus, increasing brand awareness to an interested user.

Because retargeting allows you to communicate with users that already visited your website, your creative should be dynamic and act as a reminder to come back. The creative should also reflect consistency with the specific pages visited. However, you need to be careful not to appear intrusive or you will lose the prospective customer/client.

As with everything online, some privacy concerns arise over retargeting practices. The technology basically adds a cookie to a user’s browser, which then follows the user around the Internet. This process is maintains personal anonymity, as no identifiable personal information is ever transferred or documented.

Like traditional digital display ads, retargeting allows you to track conversions and determine which creative is most effective. Also, reports show a dramatic drop in cost-per-click for retargeted content, as users that have visited your website are more likely to click your ads.

This technology can be used in various ways. An eCommerce site will benefit from targeting users that visit specific product pages and tackle shopping cart abandonment. In this case, ads can focus on further educating users about specific products, increasing probability of conversion.

Also, retargeting is widely utilized in email marketing campaigns. Once a user opens your eBlast, the process of tracking hyper-targeted display begins. As a byproduct, this increases user retention and attraction.

Remarketing is now a benchmark in effective and efficient digital marketing strategies. The immediate result of targeting interested users is an increase in conversion rates. Brand awareness is merely a starting point. Honing in on interested users narrows the conversion pathway and dramatically increases the possibility of increasing top-line revenues.

Velocity Agency is a digital marketing and advertising firm specializing in digital and internet marketing & advertising, print, web design, graphic design, film, and HD video promotion and post-production. Velocity serves clients all over the United States from our Metairie, LA office just outside of New Orleans by strategically implementing proprietary tools and techniques to get you the most conversions for your business through lead generation, cost-per-acquisition, and top line revenue.

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