New Orleans Saints And Fans Witness Believe Banner Fly Over

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New Orleans Sains Superdome Believe Banner

On the morning of Wednesday, January 8th, Facebook, Twitter, Saints forums and local news stations started chatter about a banner flying over Metro New Orleans that simply stated “Believe.”

NEw Orleans Saints Believe Banner2


New Orleans Saints Believe Banner3

It turned out that local car dealer, Ronnie Lamarque of Lamarque Ford, was behind the sponsorship of the banner. Although the “Believe” banner campaign is part of a larger television campaign for the dealership (currently running through the NFL Saints football season), the idea behind the banner was to bring the community together as one voice and to rally the New Orleans Saints and fans for this Saturday’s game against the Seattle Seahawks.

The “Believe” banner campaign was facilitated by the dealership’s advertising and marketing agency the Friday before the game against the Philadelphia Eagles. When the New Orleans Saints won against the Eagles, the Velocity Agency PR team moved quickly to secure the plane and the print of the 7500 sq. ft. banner. Within a 24-hour period, the plane was confirmed and banner was printed. Press releases were sent out to all local media outlets and a press conference scheduled on the morning of Wednesday, January 8th.

The “Believe” banner has flown over metro New Orleans twice daily since Wednesday and will finish its last flight on Saturday morning before the game against the Seahawks. Yesterday the PR team even received permission from Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport to fly the banner over airspace while the Saints departed from the airport for Seattle.

New Orleans Saints Drew Brees Believe Banner4

The “Believe” banner campaign has drawn an enormous response from New Orleans Saints fans, and even the players and the coaches, like Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham.

New Orleans Saints Jimmy Graham Believe Banner5

The success of the campaign was measured through media coverage and social media response, with an 88% increase in influence on Twitter and Facebook within the first 2 days of the fly over; 3 million impressions on Facebook; 2 million impressions on Twitter; thousands of retweets and mentions, and coverage on all major local networks and news sites.

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