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It’s that time of year again, juniors and seniors at colleges everywhere are researching businesses across the city, pining for internships. Getting that foot in the door isn’t easy, and once you have it there, the work only gets harder. Here are some simple tips to landing an internship, and turning it into the start of your career.

Find local job searching sites.

The web is a big place, and can leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused when searching for work. If you know what city you want to intern in, try googling local job search sites before you go to the big ones. and have their place, but, for example would be a good start.

Don’t get set on a paid internship

Of course you want to make money- we all do. But when you’re this early in your career, it is important to  remember that putting in serious work now will only help you make real money in the future. So if you find an internship that seems perfect, only to find out they don’t pay, do not write it off. Explore options to receive income with another part time job first.

Your dream company doesn’t offer internships?

Many companies do not offer internships because they may not have room in the budget for it. If you’re willing to work for free, and have your eyes set on a company that doesn’t publicly offer an internship, visit their website and get in contact with someone. Just because they don’t have an intern now doesn’t mean they would turn down free work from someone with enough drive to create a position for themselves.

Know where to look

Although online resources are always helpful, some employers like the idea of meeting in person. Find career fairs through your school or local chamber of commerce and be ready to introduce yourself to recruiters. In addition to your resume, have a little introduction prepared that states your skills and experience.

Be patient

It might take more than a few interviews or applications for you to land the right internship. Be prepared to hear “no” for an answer, and don’t keep all your eggs in one basket. Some companies might take longer than others to reply, so don’t give up. Finding the right internship takes time, planning and patience.

Crush that interview

Once you got someone’s attention, prepare. Go over your resume several times and make sure someone helps you rehearse for the interview. Be prepared to answer questions about yourself, about your experience and about your school. Also be sure to look sharp and be well rested. Don’t chew gum, don’t swear or use slang, and cover any tattoos you may have.

Be sure to follow up with prospective employers and collect the necessary contact information during your interview. Remember to take your internship seriously as this might be your chance to prove yourself in a professional setting. Good luck!

Velocity Agency is a digital marketing and advertising firm specializing in digital and internet marketing & advertising, print, web design, graphic design, film, and HD video promotion and post-production. Velocity serves clients all over the United States from our Metairie, LA office just outside of New Orleans by strategically implementing proprietary tools and techniques to get you the most conversions for your business through lead generation, cost-per-acquisition, and top line revenue.  

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