How Blogs Help SEO

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Every popular company has a blog these days. In fact, you are reading a blog right now! However, capitalizing on their blog content to maximize SEO (search engine optimization) results. Here at Velocity Agency, we have a team with an experienced SEO manager and copywriter that will push your brand to success. If your company does not yet have a blog you might be lacking in SEO juice! Here are seven ways you can improve your blog.

Create a Compelling Name for Your Blog

Depending on your brand, coming up with a compelling name for your blog is an optimization opportunity. Centering your blog around a theme can increase organic traffic.

Reach a Specific Audience with Each Post

Each blog should be written for a specific segment of your target audience. Creating content that is optimized for specific customers that contains target keywords related to specific needs and solutions will broaden your target audience.

Have an Effective URL Structure

You should always include /blog/ in your URL structure. This structure improves the ease of blog results reporting. Also, your URL should be short. Your URL does NOT have to contain every word of the title of your blog.

Continually Optimize Blog Content

SEO improvements do not always require new website content. Instead, you can:

  •    Add internal links to other relevant pages on the website
  •    Add optimized images
  •    Link one post to another related post
  •    Review title tags and meta descriptions to ensure targeted keywords are included

Find & Fill Content Gaps

Blogs can be a fast and easy way to create content specifically designed to fill SEO gaps.

Add Images and Videos

Images help to create a positive experience and can increase visitor engagement. You should always include images in your blog post and optimize them with tags. Video content keeps users engaged and allow marketers to provide additional educational opportunities.

Capitalize on Social Media Sharing

There are lots of benefits to sharing blog posts on social media.

  •    It Keeps your social media sites current and relevant
  •    It helps keep your audience engaged
  •    Social Signals improves SEO results
  •    Social links help to increase referral traffic

Although these seven steps can improve your SEO, there is much more to it than that! Velocity Agency knows all the ins and outs of SEO, and we would love to help! If you are in the market for a copywriter to add a blog to your website, contact us today!


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