Graphic Design Trends in 2018

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In this era of digital art, graphic designers must stay ahead of design trends to remain relevant. What may have appeared cutting-edge over the past few years may look entirely outdated in 2018. 2018 is projected to be the year of crazy designs, imagination and experimental art. You may have already seen elements of these graphic design trends slowly creeping onto album covers, advertisements and banners. At Velocity Agency, we are continually monitoring current trends and planning to keep up with what’s hot.


Maybe it’s the resurgence of the 80’s and our fascination with nostalgia, but the glitch effect has already started appearing all around us.


Distressed clothing has already been the top fashion trend of 2017. Have you seen lots of ripped pants and holey t-shirts, lately? Contemporary graphic designers have pined over the “art of destroying.” This includes anything from splashing, ripping, breaking, and scratching the design.

Color Channels

The representation of distorted reality is highly influential on viewers. You may see this graphic design trend and may not be able to look away. This technique allows designers to create an illusional effect.

Double Trouble

Double exposure within the artwork is excellent for communicating several motifs at once. Therefore, a double exposure duotone may express futurism to show the advanced capabilities of the brand. Fashion brands are taking advantage of the double color light. This effect transforms minimalistic compositions into modern looking ones.


Typography isn’t going anywhere, but the way it is expressed will change. Typography will continue to get more imaginative and creative. While cropped typography was hot in 2017, the same principle behind the “ruined” aesthetic applies here too; parts of letters will be erased. Be prepared also to see typography as real-life elements.

Negative Space

Negative space refers to empty space in a design which forms a distinctive shape. Negative space draws the eye to the design in a way other forms of graphic design cannot. This effect is also being used with typography as well.

Bright Colors

You’ve heard the term “millennial pink, ” but 2018 will be all about bright colors. Bright colors will make the design pop and put brands in the spotlight.

One Color

More and more product presentations are using the same background color as the product that is presented. This technique is reminiscent of pop art in the 1960’s and pleases the eye.

There are way more graphic design trends expected to take over 2018, and here at Velocity Agency, we want all of you to know about it. Keep checking our blog for more exciting trends that will push brands further than ever before!

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