Diet Coke Gets a New Look

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There was a point in time where people ditched their regular sodas for diet sodas in hopes to shed some pounds and achieve health without giving up their delicious carbonated beverage. Since customers are now moving away from artificially sweetened sodas, Diet Coke is getting a radically new look and some new flavors to try and boost sales.

Diet Coke unleashed new flavors including ginger lime, feisty cherry, twisted mango, and zesty blood orange. The can is thinner and longer which psychologically makes consumers think “slimmer and thinner.”

Millennials are highly informed consumers because of all of their access to data at their fingertips through mobile devices and other technology. Coca-Cola went to a tiny U.K agency instead of a large international design agency to help it work out how to move forward. A lot of Coca-Cola’s success has come from their social media presence alone. Velocity Agency knows the strength and importance that social media has in a marketing strategy. Here is how Coca-Cola has stayed ahead in the time of social media.

With over 96 million fans on Facebook, Coca-Cola’s Facebook page is much more engaging than it was in the past. Coca-Cola posts once or twice each week in addition to publicizing ads, endorsements, applications, and games. This method is encouraging fan interaction by posting content such as fill in the blanks or call to action content.

Compared to other brands, Coca-Cola is very active. It has dedicated pages for various products and sub-brands including diet coke, coke zero, etc. The social team at the company doesn’t post any straightforward marketing messages and instead primarily use Twitter to respond to mentions. This makes Coca-Cola look like a down-to-earth company rather than a huge corporate structure.

Instagram is one of the latest booming social media platforms, and Coca-Cola has tapped this market too. Today, they have over 1 million followers and over 480 posts on their Instagram page, and it is growing every day.

Coca-Cola has proven success with their advertisement campaigns and has surprisingly kept up with millennial marketing. If your brand needs a little push from an experienced social media team that has had unstoppable success and creative execution in advertising, Velocity Agency is your agency of choice!

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