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6 Second Video Ads

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How much could you communicate in 6 second video ads? The advertising industry is shifting, and less is more. The advertising industry is beginning to take a closer look at short-form content. If you have seen six second ads while scrolling through your social media, then you already know that these ads are generating lots of leads. These 6-second ads tell a brand’s story in a creatively challenging time frame.

Many researchers have said that attention spans have shrunk, but that’s not necessarily true. Attention spans are actually adapting to different platforms. For example, people still are able to watch a two hour movie without distraction now just like they did 20 years ago. However, our brains are shifting when it comes to using social media. Short-form creative has an impact on how people consume media. Here at Velocity Agency, we are always exploring new ways to captivate the audiences of our clients.

In the age of YouTube, you might be waiting to press Skip Ad for what seems like a lifetime. With these 6 second ads, also known as pre-roll ads, you can’t skip them: but you notice them. According to Google, 90% of bumper ad campaigns boosted global ad recall by an average of 30%.

Since we are focused on the number six, here are six ways to have the right ingredients for success with a pre-roll ad.

1.)Focus on your punchline.

A punchline doesn’t have to be funny, but something has to stick with the viewer at the end just like a punchline.

2.)Try different techniques

A video is just content in motion. However, how you make the content move is open to interpretation. Try playing around with different angles and frames while shooting.

3.) Make it dynamic without sound

85% of Facebook users watch videos without sound. Try focusing on making your ad effective even if the sound is off.

4.) Change the view point.

Shooting from a different perspective is an interesting way of twitsing the plot. The element of suprise will caption the reader.

5.) Use images.

A static image that has movement within it is more effective than you think.

6.) Always design for mobile

Since everyone is on the go these days, people are usually seeing everything through their phone.  Make sure your ad is optimized for smart phones!

Here are some amazing examples of six-second pre-roll ads on YouTube that performed well.


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