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Facebook Ads are Growing and Not Slowing Down

Since its’ debut in 2004, Facebook has changed drastically: especially when it comes to Facebook advertising. Facebook has turned single-handedly turned paid social media marketing into a cornerstone of modern digital marketing tactics. In the next year to come, we can all expect Facebook to evolve in deeper ways. In 2018, you can improve your marketing funnel and find more leads than ever due to Facebook’s stronger algorithms.

Mobile Audiences are stronger than ever. Facebook users watch over 100 million hours of video a day collectively, and as a result, we have seen an explosion in paid and organic video content. Video content gets about 135% more organic reach than photos, and your business can potentially improve both its organic reach and engagement on paid posts by creating more promotional assets as videos. By creating just a few Facebook video ads, you can improve engagement and increase prospects.

Facebook ads have more diverse ad types to create more dynamic and engaging ads. Marketers and small businesses owners can use these ad formats to accomplish specific business goals. Velocity Agency knows the different formats of Facebook ads, what each of the formats accomplishes, and which format to utilize depending on their strategy.

Facebook likes to keep people on the Facebook Platform, and ad formats like lead ads and collection ads keep audiences within the app as they interact with your brand. These features reduce friction in your marketing strategy and encourage more prospects to convert to customers because of the simple process while also reducing the number of needed assets by getting rid of landing pages.

Paid advertising is seeing the biggest increase in the history of Facebook, while organic reach is plummeting. At the end of last year, Facebook announced that they were experimenting with a newsfeed that contained zero organic branded posts and this content would be moved to a separate feed known as the “Explore” feed.

If Facebook implements this change globally, all branded Facebook pages will see their organic reach tank. However, if Facebook does not follow through with this plan completely, these pages have already seen dramatic drops in the past few years. Businesses cannot reply on the Facebook algorithm to show their content to meet their reach goals. Even though this might sound scary, paid Facebook ads have made it easier than ever to maximize relevance and Return on Investment. Now, it’s easier to weed out audiences who are unlikely to buy your product and increase your conversion rate and overall returns.

If you are still confused, Velocity Agency takes care of it all. If you are looking to produce brilliant original video content and incorporate it into Facebook ads, we can not only accomplish that: we can do it better than our competitors. With award-winning film experience and knowledge of all the different forms of Facebook ads and their specific specialties, we can turn your audience into real-time prospects. Let Velocity Agency’s unique marketing team take your business to new heights today.

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