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Last week, a supposed leak from Microsoft revealed the unreleased Windows 9.  Here’s what we know. Leaked sources revealed the company’s September 30th invitation, which stated: Join us to hear about what is next for Windows and its enterprise. And now we are all sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for more information.

We don’t even really know if Windows 9 is the correct name for the operating system, however Microsoft’s Chinese division briefly posted, “Microsoft’s latest OS Windows 9 is coming soon, do you think the start menu at the left bottom will make a comeback?” on Weibo, but then promptly deleted it.  Affiliates at local website cnBta, however, were able to snag the information to carrot and stick eager PC users with.

It is unknown if PC users will be able to upgrade directly from their well worn Windows 7 straight into Windows 9, or if they have to venture into the alien territory of Windows 8.  For anyone who has had experience with the Windows 8 interface, or who knows someone who knows someone who has, gets that it is a difficult system to navigate.  It is Windows’ first attempt to conform to touch screen technology and it offers little user instruction.  And because it’s custom designed tablet was almost double the price of existing tablets, a lot of PC users just stuck with what they already had.

Perhaps the most exciting component of all this suspense is the grapevine whispers claiming that this new version of Windows is rumored to be free.  Microsoft sales actually plunged 13% just after it launched Windows 8, a statistic noted by consumer market research conducted at NPD.  Maybe by making it free the public will be less versed in the business’ financial blunders.  Though the information cannot yet be confirmed, leaker group WZOR and other leaker collectives agree that the price of the new operating system will nominal, if even a matter at all.

Of the very little information that we do have about Windows 9, most of the hype surrounds around the new, but old, Start Menu that is rumored to be making a comeback.  The Start Menu’s All Apps combines your usual desktop apps with the Windows 8 Metro Apps, giving you the best of both worlds.  All jokes aside, Microsoft is trying.  With the speed-bumps the company hit after launching Windows 8 and the exhausting leg race the company faces every day against Apple’s chart-topping products, we are excited to see what else the persevering company has in store with it’s latest revision.  Rumored to be available as early as April 2015, this may be an exciting year for Microsoft.

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