Intern Spotlight: Chase Dennies

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As a New Orleans native, Chase Dennies grew up attending many festivals and snapping pictures. Apart from being a talented photographer, Chase is also an amazing graphic designer and we are lucky to have him as an intern at Velocity. For our Intern Spotlight this week, Chase shares his passions and his favorite hangouts in New Orleans.

VA:Where are you from?

CD:I was born and raised in New Orleans, LA.

VA:What do you like the most about New Orleans?

CD:I like that there is always something to do in New Orleans.

VA:What are you most passionate about?

CD: I am very passionate about my family. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their love and support.

VA:What do you like about working at Velocity ?

CD: One of the things that I like about Velocity is the open creative environment that it offers. Second, is the collaboration between the designers and helping each other out on projects. The best is the fact that it is a full service agency, there’s a lot I can learn from other areas. If I want to learn things about post production I can just go downstairs and learn some things from the production team.

VA:What is Graphic Design for you?

CD: Graphic design has become a big part of my life. I enjoy learning new things about design every day. After your first typography class the entire world changes. You start to see the world as type. Other people may describe the new restaurant by saying its next to the dry cleaners but you describe it as the place that uses Comic Sans in their logo.

VA:What are some of your favorite hangout spots on the weekend ?

CD: On the weekends, I like to hangout at The Bulldog or just relax at home with my family.

VA: What is your social media of choice?

CD:  None.(Just Kidding!) I would have to say Facebook.

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