End of the Year Travel Trips

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Just because the year is almost over doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy some R&R. Let’s take a look at some of the leading travel trends of 2016. Hopefully, you will find the motivation necessary to cash in some of your vacation days.

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Leading into 2016, 99% of Baby Boomers were planning to travel for leisure. In many cases multiple trips were planned. However, just because you may not be a baby boomer you should still be considering a vacation. Studies suggest that “young” travelers account for up to 20% of the money spent on travel.  

If you’re still struggling to find the motivation to travel you might want to examine the reasons others cite for taking a trip. You probably wouldn’t be surprised to learn that many people travel for fun, but others travel out of a need to rest and recover from the rigors of their day-to-day lives. What are your reasons for travel?

Velocity Agency 2016 Travel

Sometimes, deciding where to go can be more difficult than deciding if to go at all. A lot of people can feel overwhelmed when planning a trip. Experts suggest trying to break this problem down into a few simple questions. Once those questions have been answered you will find that choosing where to go can be as easy as picking up the phone. 

Ask yourself:

  • How long do I want to travel?
  • What is my budget for this trip?
  • What kind of environment do I want to vacation in? (ie. city, beach, mountains, etc…)
  • What experiences am I looking to have on this trip?

Velocity Agency 2016 Travel 

If you still find yourself in need of some additional motivation we recommend looking at some popular trip ideas. Who knows, maybe you will end up taking a vacation that you previously did not know existed. 

Lastly, don’t feel pressured to travel out of the country just because that’s what others might be interested in doing. You need to make this trip about you, and meeting your needs. The USA offers tons of safe travel destinations, many of which offer something for everyone.

Please feel free to download the entire PDF. Happy travels!

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