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Christmas Storytelling marketing is the most popular way to reach your audience during the Holidays. During the Holidays, it’s much more important to tap into the emotions of your audience rather than launch a exclusive sale. Save your sales and discounts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday every year. Christmas is about pulling heart strings and turning your customers into fans.

Velocity Agency loves a good story, but that’s not the only reason why we utilize storytelling marketing. The Holidays are supposed to be fun where we feel happy and connected, but the holidays can also be lonely, stressful, disappointing. The most powerful holiday stories are heartwarming and make us feel good. Here are three amazing Holiday marketing campaigns that won us over.

Marks and Spencer shows a story that is a twist on the traditional Santa story. A little boy writes to Mrs. Claus instead and tells the story of how he has been a typical annoying little brother. By launch love Mrs. Claus, it showed a fearless woman performing Christmas magic in the knick of time.


Perfumes sell like CRAZY during the Holidays. Burberry didn’t necessarily go with the traditional holiday spirit cinematography and music, but still told an incredible story through “The Tale of Thomas Burberry.” Brand storytelling doesn’t always have to be centered on your customer’s experiences. Finding new and creative ways to tell stories about your company gives your brand a voice.

If you are having a tough time giving your brand a voice, Velocity Agency is your megaphone. We can take care of telling your story from top to bottom. Learn more about our work here.


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