5 Reasons You Need Interactive Development

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Long gone are the days of passively observing information that is being pushed at us. Consumer behavior has changed drastically because of the ability to compare info between different websites. Velocity Agency specializes in interactive development to keep audiences engaged and more motivated to buy. Here are four reasons why your website should be interactive.

It Improves your SEO
More links on your site make it easier for search engines to find your site. SEO, short for search engine optimization, can help your business grow and meet your business objectives. Having an interactive site drives more traffic to your site and improves SEO. This includes forms, webinar registrations, and archives as well. Interactive sites also receive more repeated visits, and more visits equal more revenue. Even if your site isn’t E-commerce, your goal is to drive people to buy your product.

It Boosts Revenue
When viewers spend more time, they learn more about your product, and this makes it more likely that they will buy it.

People Expect It
According to many studies, your brand has to grab someone’s attention in one minute. If your website is loaded down with text, they will look elsewhere. Making your website interactive will help the consumer absorb your content in less time. A website that isn’t at the forefront of interactive development looks old, outdated, and will not captivate the modern audience.

It Increases Time on The Site
According to research from Marketingprofs, AOL, and Nielson: 53% of time spent online is attributable to content consumption, and most of the content consumed and shared is not static. Keeping your audience on your site for longer periods of time should be your ultimate goal when making a website.

Velocity Agency has a dedicated team of web developers that make stunning interactive websites that engage, excite, and make amazing first impressions. We have the team, the skill, the experience and the know-how to change the way you think about websites. Come to Velocity Agency for interactive development as you have never seen.

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