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Shaping the Future of Digital Marketing

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Velocity Agency was recently recognized as one of the top digital marketing agencies in the country by the Silicon Review. A New Orleans-based Digital Marketing Firm, Velocity specializes in techniques, strategies, and branding initiatives that engage and influence their clients’ customers on every screen: smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, televisions, outdoor, and experiential. With a sophistication that grows almost daily alongside technological advances, Velocity Agency has the ability to create custom software solutions for clients and design advertising campaigns that can be tracked, analyzed and adjusted for the highest efficiency and highest rate of return on the client’s investment. The kind of custom creative content that Velocity delivers is something that sets it apart from the rest of the marketing world. Its strategies, techniques and approaches can be studied, analyzed, and incorporated to produce even more efficiencies in terms of return on investment (ROI).
Velocity at its current pace is set to take over the top position in the digital marketing industry and along with it, the firm hopes to release its own set of entertainment products and ad platforms. Already equipped with a wide arena of services starting from TV commercials, music videos to custom merchandise and digital video brochures, Velocity is set to expand into many more divisions of the mobile entertainment industry.


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  1. I’d say this is something to not only be proud of for this TEAM but IMHO, New Orleans can take a bow for being such a strong influence going all the way back to when Robert Berning Jr. and I were just lifting off and couldn’t help but have our Home Town’s influence our approach to the more limited media several decades ago and now Robert Berning III has gotten some proper recognition for his vision and propelled Velocity Agency into heights I’m certain his Father and my close friend and co-partner as we felt our way through growing a production company at a time when we had no template to use as a guide but went with our guts and the wisdom of Mr. Rob and Ms. Della( Rob’s Mom and Dad would be extremely proud of us as well). I’m excited to bring this new standard of marketing on so many levels and portals and outlets for client’s to reach their target audiences and open up markets they certainly wouldn’t have acquired without this new input from this TEAM of the best and always highly creative core of individuals in their fields, perhaps ever assembled and that has a lot to do and say about Robert Berning III’s life learning from his Father’s lap, looking at the World through a lens and learning to listen and discern a situation and it’s potential resolutions through his own extensive experience plus learning to listen to his TEAM’s input, judging merits with an open and free wheeling conceptual viewpoint. I couldn’t be more happy for his recognition and how he makes us all better through not threatening job security but not being afraid to open up new ideas for The TEAM to evaluate and conceptualize. If you want to get a HIT? Take the bat off of your shoulder and swing away~! With Velocity? There’s been many home runs and I’m excited about being back in the game with no real constraints nor inhibitions. Creativity comes from experience and being prepared for expected success. That freedom is what separates Velocity from any other Agency no matter whether under the microscope of NYC or the FEAR which stifles creativity out here in L.A. where I’ve witnessed some really scared folks who are held back from fear of making decisions which are judged so harshly for being “HIP” or not “HIP ENOUGH” or whatever the whim de jour is at the time. One thing is certain and backed up by articles such as this one, Velocity Agency will give you something new, now, present and current and alive. Not some formula based algorithm but what you and your business are about ,what sets you apart and why your service , products, innovative or some standard method which brings your identity to the light and attention of the public with aplomb and vitality set by the joy of life and being alive. If it were any other way? I wouldn’t waste my time having had the experiences of a lifetime exploring the World during my, over 30 years with Capt. Jaques Yves Cousteau as an Expedition Team Member or with his son Jean-Michel who continued on with his Father’s work which gave me freedom to roam our Planet and Velocity Agency gives me that same feeling of adventure as the dynamic nature each TEAM MEMBER brings to VA, fearless and always exploring the imagination your services, products or helping you find that dynamic new approach to an existing idea takes on when this exciting TEAM gets ahold of it and the “Think Tank” starts boiling. I know this reply has taken us all far too deep into what can be accomplished however, for seriously interested parties? It’s a solid look at a devoted and exciting group who can turn your business into a place of that sort of excitement also~! Cheers and Keep Us In Mind! Gary Holland, West Coast Rep and more……..This is a very flattering piece but well deserved and puts Velocity Agency on The World Stage, just as it deserves to be.

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