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5 Benefits Of Instagram Marketing

Instagram marketing is one of the few, easy to use, free marketing tools that every entrepreneur or business owner can utilize. With over 700 million users, Instagram has become one of the best and most popular photo sharing platforms, enabling you to engage with your followers by posting photographs, images, and even short videos.

When someone takes the time to edit and post a picture to Instagram, that photo means something. People don’t just upload any old selfie to Instagram; they make sure it has the perfect lighting and filter before posting. With all the effort users put into their posts and the time they take to appreciate the posts of others, it should be no surprise that Instagram marketing converts better than some traditional forms of advertising. Instagram photos are more thought-out, well made, and meant to make us crave the items in the picture.

Here are 5 benefits of marketing through Instagram for your business:

  1. Customer Base

You can connect with customers across all your different marketing channels. Within your Instagram Settings, you can enable sharing access to Facebook and Twitter so that whenever you post a photo or video to your Instagram page, it will automatically share across channels. This provides an easy way to update all your platforms simultaneously.  

  1. Increased Engagement

Traffic from Instagram photos is super-engaging. Instagram drives more engaged traffic than any other social media platform, including Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Reddit. If a customer buys your product and then follows you on Instagram, they are more likely to see your products on a regular basis, which increases the chances of them purchasing from you again.

  1. Free Advertising

Instagram photos are user-generated content. When a group of friends goes out-to-eat to a restaurant, for example, they can take a picture of their deliciously plated food, give it a little edit and post it to Instagram. This is a way for them to keep their friends and family up-to-date on their lives, but for the restaurant… it’s free advertising. It’s advertising because the Instagram user is showcasing your food and tagging your restaurant’s location and page. The user’s followers can then click on the location and/or follow the restaurant’s Instagram page. This is one of the singularly most successful ways to grow relevant traffic and sales.

  1. Discover New Audiences

Instagram makes it easy to reach new audiences with a Discover tab and hashtags, which allow you to discover new photos, people, and businesses near you or based upon your activity. When someone includes a hashtag in a post on Instagram, a link is created, and you can view all other photos that have been shared using that hashtag.

  1. Build Trust And Personality

Instagram photos emit a more authentic feel when compared to stock images or classic brand advertisements because they are more aesthetically pleasing. They tend to be aspirational, giving us a look into the life we would like to live. Instagram marketing also builds trust when customers post a picture of your business or product; this influences a potential customer’s purchase decisions.  

If you’re a business owner wanting to reach new customers, you could benefit from using Instagram Marketing because it is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world.

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