Through the Looking-Glass

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Is Google Glass the next disrupter, or are we becoming so saturated with technology that anything new would be refreshing? Glass is still in it’s early stages, having been released to a selected few only. For those of us who are less fortunate, here is a preview of what Google Glass looks like.

Though it has sparked widespread intrigue, Google Glass may not be quickly adopted by the mass markets. For starters, the display is not in the users field of vision. Second, who would want to be spammed with constant alerts and messages across their face?  Is this the future, as seen in Minority Report? Google Glass will retail at a whopping  $1500, with a waiting list that would make the iPhone 5 jealous. The real question is, what type of information do we want to become part of our daily lives, and are we prepared to become fully integrated with that technology?

Google is not the only company with this initiative. Corning, a specialty glass-manufacturing corporation, has shared their vision of incorporating technology into our daily lives, using glass as a new medium for their “A Day Made of Glass”. Other wearable technologies surging are activity-tracking wristbands (RFID), as well as temporary electronic tattoos.

Perhaps Google Glass is a jumping point for more innovative and simpler wearable technologies. For now, however, we’ll let the early adopters test it out… You won’t be looking like Tony Stark in the Iron Man suit just yet.

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