Six Tips On Getting Your Story Published

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Getting your story published is difficult. In the fast-paced, ever-evolving world of Public Relations, it takes a lot more than simply sending out a press release to obtain the right media coverage for your clients. Our digitized world is constantly stirring with important events  24/7, and having the right strategy paired with the right contacts is key. From my experience with Public Relations, these are the 6 essentials to getting your stories published.

  1. Peace out Press Release: In this digital age where consumers demand instant updates from news sources, press releases have lost their value due to the tedious time involved in developing, distributing, and following up. Get innovative with your pitches! Don’t get me wrong, there are some situations in which a press release can do you right, but choose wisely my friends.

  2. Socialite Status: It’s not called Personal Relations for nothing! Get out there- join advertising and marketing associations in your city, attend conferences & city-wide events to plump up that little black book of contacts.

  3. Extra, Extra, Read All About it! : Don’t think a journalist or blogger will pick up your story about Why Accountants have more fun? It’s all about how you pitch it to them. Did you know that accountants at Rothstein Kass don’t report to work until 10:00am, have personal concierge services for all home duties, and get paid for international travel during vacations? Paris, here I come!

  4. Do your research: Find out as much professional information about the person you are pitching your story to. Knowledge is power! If you are attempting to grab Barbara Walter’s attention to pick up your story, viciously research her previous work on the particular subject, relate back to it in your pitch, and give her finite reasons as to why the public needs to know more.

  5. Say It Loud & Proud: Did your pitch not get picked up the first time? Neither did Abe Lincoln’s. Revisit your first attempt, make some edits, and try again. And Again. And Again. Reporters look for specific stories at precise times–persistence is key.

  6. Go Big or Go Home: Don’t sell your story short. There are over 100,000 professional journalists and bloggers in the Unites States alone, not to mention international press who have an influence around the world. The World is your oyster, go out there and capture it!

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