Memoirs of an Ex-Crackberry

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Scrolling down the endless feed of Instagram photos on my iPhone, one selfie stands out. It’s a girl I know from college, she is taking the usual “mirror pic,” but there is something that makes this photo extra special. Her picture was not taken by an iPhone, but by what many years ago would be known as a “Blackberry Bold.”

Flashback to my freshman year of college: I remember getting my first Blackberry (Flip phones in 2008? Unheard of!). The Pearl was not the best model, but did serve its immediate purpose of placing calls and granting me access to the infamous BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). The Blackberry was my drug of choice. I remember the rush of excitement as I uttered the words “Add me on BBM,” the self-doubt that crawled in when someone would leave my message on R, and the feeling of impending doom when my parents flooded me with PINGS! after a night out.

From the Pearl all the way up to my last Bold, my passion for Blackberry models was evident. When I spot one from time to time, I become nostalgic. I remember how the clattering of keys would make anyone around me aware of my conversations. I remember how scrolling meant praying to God, that after much abuse, my sphere was still working. I remember scrambling for 3G reception so my BBMs could be sent. I remember declaring myself a “Crackberry” addict at some point, as well as using entire bags of rice in hopes of reviving my soaking wet Curve.

For better or worse, Blackberry no longer reigns as king of the smartphone world. Even though I know that going back to Blackberry now would be socially unacceptable, I must admit I am nostalgic about our romance. I miss typing away on its minuscule keyboard, I miss knowing when my messages had been read and being able to communicate with friends and family around the world. And no matter how cool and user-friendly the iPhone may be, no one can ever compare BBM to iMessage: there will never be something quite like it.

Do you have any memorable Blackberry memoirs? Share them with us! 

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