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Last Tuesday Apple unveiled the new iPhone 6, along with the long awaited Apple Watch. To some, it was a monumental announcement, to others, it was more of the same i-sheep Kool-Aid. Wether you’re an Apple fan or not, there are a few things we can agree on.

iPhone 6 Apple Marketing Strategy Velocity Agency New Orleans

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iPhone 6 Brings Minor Upgrades

A side by side comparison reveals very minor differences between the previous iPhone 5S and it’s younger, sexier sister, iPhone 6.  New features include a larger screen, curvier edges and an added pay-by-phone feature called Apple Pay which we’ve seen in other phones.  Both phones are manufactured in aluminum with an 8-megapixel sensor camera and have a battery stamina that is essentially the same.

Apple: The Hype Machine

Apple is known for technology but, without a doubt, Apple is a marketing machine.  This is arguably why the company experienced an 8000% increase in profits from 2003 to 2012, according to a recent Marketing Strategy Analysis conducted by Vertygo Team, and why people decide to fork out big bucks for little upgrade bang.

Apple has been the recipient of AdWeeks Best of the Decade, Brand of the Decade, Campaign of the Decade and Marketer of the Decade awards. It was, yet again, voted as the overall winner of the 2014 CMO Survey Award for Marketing Excellence and last year it was awarded the title of “Brand of the Year” in the league of smartphones, tablets, and computers by Harris Interactive Marketing Firm. And the list goes on.

Android Caught Up. A While Ago

If one really challenges the specs against iPhones ultimate competitors of Android phablets, the data clearly demonstrates that Apple sells because of it’s name, not it’s game.  At the most basic level of graphics, iPhone 6 has finally crossed the HD threshold, however, it barely treads water when compared to the pixel-dense resolution of current Androids.  Androids have also always been a safe bet regarding their processor downlow.  Apple, on the contrary, has shed very little light on the qualifications of it’s new A8 processor, while Android companies most always rely on the trusted Qualcomm products.  On top of that, most Android cameras are in the 16MP range, which doubles even the newest iPhone’s capacity.

Great Products Sell

Apple, however, is killn’ it.

Last year Apple roped in a whopping 56% of the total profit for the entire cell phone industry, a percentage that put the company on a profit pedestal, writes Forbes contributor Tony Bradley. However, it would be a mistake to blame marketing alone in their huge success. David Ogilvy once said that “great marketing only makes a bad product fail faster,” meaning that for marketing to work the product has to be appealing and have certain qualities. Still, Apple spends less in advertising than Microsoft, Samsung, or Coca-Cola, but none of these companies have the hype surrounding their brand like Apple.

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