The Content Divide: Get Quality Time From Viewers

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As more marketers discover the importance of channeling resources through content marketing, SEO is losing its spot as the top priority when it comes to digital marketing. According to a report from Econsultancy and Adobe, content marketing now leads as priority number one for major companies around the world.

As brands dive head first into this new trend, an important question arises: how can marketers measure a brand’s content success? In this era of information overload, are shares and likes enough to effectively measure this new marketing strategy? Content can be defined in two ways: consumable and shareable. Consumable content creates engagement, while shareable content is often considered “viral” for achieving an increased reach that extends beyond original organic impressions.  However, a conflict arises between the two: should companies focus on getting your full attention, or should they settle for just a microsecond of your time?

In recent years, advertisers and marketers have been using CPE (Cost per Engagement) as an alternative to CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions) in an attempt to define the success of “consumable” content. While CPE can be helpful in understanding how content is performing, it does not provide a complete picture. In reality, CPE is often only a vague measure of engagement, as it only takes into consideration the immediate interaction with content. The length of time a person spends engaging with the content, a key sign of its success, is completely left out of the equation.

In an attempt to get more complete content engagement analytics, the creators of Blogger and Twitter have developed This new publishing platform focuses on the concept of engagement by tracking published posts using three criteria: views, reads and recommendations. Another important feature is the ability to track how many viewers are reading the whole story.

Whether your company is going after increased engagement or more share worthy content, there is no doubt that both should be key factors in developing marketing strategies. Perhaps “shareability” and engagement should be packaged together within your content. It’s not the dichotomy that makes it difficult. Instead, the challenge lies in making both work at the same time. When it comes to content marketing, what is your company’s top priority? Share your thoughts with us.

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