Don’t Adjust Your Television

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For years, the visual crackle of a struggling video stream was a  frustration for many people. Long before modern television and streaming video, people would curse out loud and move their rabbit ear antennas to get a better picture.

The glitch is the visual of a pixelated or off-register image. It has firmly become part of modern design culture and is defining the newest chapter in the art world’s fascination with distress, deconstruction and the allure of imperfection. Glitch designs have made their way through all aspects of culture last year and are becoming even more popular now.

Any designer knows that Shutterstock is the destination on the internet for stock footage. The glitch trend was one of the many trends that were predicted by Shutterstock in their annual Creative Trends outlook. Glitch images have risen 32 percent on Shutterstock. Most of the stock art service’s trends are driven by demand for a popular visual subject: including VR headsets, augmented reality and cybersecurity. Glitch is an overarching design aesthetic that has become part of almost everything in culture including fashion, branding, TV, film, packaging, and out-of-home campaigns.

The glitch trend has been a trend in edgy ads and magazine covers, but now it is at the forefront of product design. In the marketing world, it’s important to know what the appeal behind the top trends is. The glitch trend is so popular because it has the perfect balance of being futuristic and retro at the same time. Glitch design shows how art directors are both fascinated by and apprehensive about flawed technology. It is no secret that nostalgia plays a large role in its’ popularity as well. It reminds us of static on a TV or glitchy effects on an old Game Boy.

Many design specialists believe that these glitchy images represent a moment of defiance and rebellion. Science-fiction series have become increasingly more popular through shows like Black Mirror, Stranger Things, and Dark Net because they explore the internet and digital media-related themes. The glitch effect subconsciously takes the personification of technology away by reminding us that machines can still fail. When it comes to branding, glitch design shows imperfection and makes the consumers experience more real which has proven to be highly successful with marketing towards millennials.

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