Intern Spotlight: Lillie Hart

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What do fashion, horses and New Orleans have in common?  They are all beloved by our Public Relations intern, Lillie Hart. Originally from Zephyrhills, FL, Lillie has lived most of her life in Durham, NC. She moved to New Orleans and became a Business Marketing and Legal Studies major at Tulane University. For our very first Intern Spotlight, we go one-on-one with Lillie.

VA:What brought you to New Orleans?

LH:My family is actually from New Orleans, so I’ve grown up coming here to visit family and then when I was looking for colleges I visited Tulane and loved it.

VA:What are you passionate about?

LH:I’ve always been really passionate about horses. I’ve been riding since I was 7 and competed in high school and I still ride for the Tulane team. I’m also passionate about shopping. I shop, like, a lot.

VA:What do you like about  being an intern at Velocity ?

LH:I really like that everyone is so young and excited about their work. Being so close in age is awesome because I feel like my ideas are valued, but at the same time I learn how to do something new or about something new every day.

VA:What is Public Relations for you?

LH:For me, PR is being a catalyst for really cool or important or interesting information to people who want to know about it. It’s about getting information or news to the right audience that not only helps the people you’re sharing information about, but also the people who want to know about it.

VA:What are your hobbies ?

LH:I’m a friend to the animals as well as a philanthropist…just kidding. Besides riding horses and shopping I spend a lot of time babysitting and have a really soft spot in my heart for little kids.

VA: What is your social platform of choice?

LH: Instagram, #handsdown.

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