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Twitter scores, again.

Creative and colorful, the network is bringing back the ever popular #hashflags to utilize hashtags for World Cup series in 2014.

This promoted bit allows Twitter users to hashtag the national three-letter code (e.g. GER, FRA, USA) with the flag emoji of that particular country appearing along side of the tweet. A patriotic element just added to Twitter for the World Cup 2014, this item is a fun way for World Cup game watchers and Twitter users to show support to their favorite teams throughout the series.

Although the feature hasn’t been around in a while, it isn’t exactly brand new, either. The #hashflag became popular when introduced four years ago at the 2010 World Cup. Sadly, the #hashflag component hasn’t made it to the Twitter Application for iPhone, yet. But it was frequently used by the voice of the World Cup, pop-superstar Shakira (one of the first to use the element in 2014 for the series) and has already gained back an audience as tweets of the anticipated global sporting event commence.

Even though the network usually holds a firm second-place to Facebook, the quick, live-action content makes Twitter the better option when it comes to World Cup. This year, Twitter has created a special page with anything and everything World Cup related under just about any topic one could wish. Clicking on the trending hashtag #WorldCup or #WorldCup2014 will transport the user to a feed that includes a continuous stream of real-time score updates, highlights from matches, press comments and player/coach tweets.

Not only is Twitter giving their audience extensive information for the World Cup, they’re also changing up it’s delivery. By allowing non-Twitter users to view their feed with their own sign-in made specifically for the run of the series, they are catering to a whole new crowd of sports fans. Twitter is asking those who register to list what matches and teams they are most interested in, then applying that information to an account tailored for what they need for games.

From a marketing point-of-view, this isn’t a bad idea.

If you consider the increase in web activity social media receives within the duration of a globally televised event, the idea of a temporary account makes sense. Keeping in mind that these events are usually athletic affairs, it is a fantastic strategy to attract new users and keep them entertained with the idea that the account doesn’t have to last forever. The genius is realizing that the new user will eventually rely on Twitter for all sports news updates (not just the World Cup), and come to the conclusion Twitter is the right network for them. Facebook has tried a similar approach with a main page for the soccer series, but it seems doubtful they will see as much success.

Many advertisers say hashtags during events like the World Cup are becoming more valuable than 30 second commercials. It seems that social media traffic peaks during the breaks between airtime and advertisers are finally picking up on this concept. Brands like Kia, Volkswagen, Marriott and Johnson & Johnson have been involved in online promotions during large sporting events and with the World Cup 2014’s popularity on the rise this year we will be seeing even more big names participating in this form of advertising.

With this incredible global show of athleticism in our midst, it is an exciting time to be present as a consumer and advertiser in social media. Whether you support your team in the stands at Brazil, or in 140 characters behind a screen, there is no doubt the world will be buzzing about the excitement that is #WorldCup2014.

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