best ads of 2017

The Best Ads of 2017

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2017 has been a tough year but a year of remarkable creativity and inspiration. The best advertisements of the year resonated well because of their challenging themes and unique angles. As we enter 2018, let us reflect on the best ads of 2017.

Halo Top – “Eat The Ice Cream”

The past few years, we all have been very interested in apocalyptic themes. From zombie movies, The Hunger Games book series that have been made into movies, and just plain creepy end of the world thematic elements in everything we are watching: we love the adrenaline rush. Halo Top produced an ad with the scene of an elderly prisoner being force-fed ice cream by a robot with upbeat old-fashioned ice cream music playing in the background. Since 2017 was also a year full of love for horror films and tv shows, this advertisement struck a chord.

Nespresso – “Comin’ Home”

George Clooney is one of those actors that has a face that sells. For Nespresso, The Oscar winner goes on an incredible journey without saying one word throughout the commercial just to get to a cup of the caffeinated goodness. The visual aspects of the commercial are thrilling, and the storytelling is effective because it’s told by the characters surrounding the main character.

Procter & Gamble “The Talk”

Procter & Gamble’s two-minute spot shows black parents through the years having “the talk” with their children about growing up black in the United States. The music in the background is minimal and moving, and the acting skills deliver raw emotion. P&G states that the ad is not a political statement but a reflection of real life because they are actual conversations that black families have had for generations. The goal was to expand the talk about bias beyond the black community and inspire a world with equal opportunities.

Instagram – “Stories are Everywhere”

Instagram is winning the world of social media, and their marketing campaign this year was also a winner. The campaign went well beyond digital and showed film footage mixed with Instagram stories. This celebrated the creative process and used the same tools being advertised to craft the message. This sent a message that the moments that we experience every day is art.

Heinz – “Pass the Heinz”

There are many brands of ketchup, but Heinz wanted to make sure that you choose their brand. In the TV series Mad Men, Don Draper fictionally pitched the campaign and the work finally ran as print and outdoor ads in New York City. This ad utilized the footage of the show as well as being powerful because of the ad being void of ketchup itself.

Coca-Cola- “Pool Boy”

Coke’s ad shows a stylish and cliche story of an attractive pool boy with a teenage brother and sister who are both simultaneously lusting after him. They both get the bright idea to bring him a Coke on such a hot day and compete to get to him first, only to find that their mother has beaten them to it.

Volvo -”Moments”

This ad is incredibly cinematic and one of the most eye-catching automotive ads of all time. It captures a woman’s entire lifetime in three minutes to put an extra emphasis the car’s safety features.

One common thread throughout all of these ads is the powerful storytelling. The best advertisements not only promote brand awareness but tell a story in a way that connects with the audience and inspires them. At Velocity Agency we pride ourselves on our ability to tell compelling stories through our campaigns. If you want 2018 to be the best year for your brand, let us tell your story for you.

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