6 Tech Gifts Your Mom Will Love

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There is no way to ever repay Mom for all that she’s done and still does for all of us. This year forget the flower bouquet and shower mom with love and everything tech. We know it may be hard to choose a gift she genuinely needs and will love, so at Velocity we’ve compiled a list of tech gifts all Mom’s will appreciate:

Mini Ipad: Have your Mom view photo albums, email, read and play comfortably with a new Mini iPad. The latest Apple sensation is best for any on-the-go mom. Make this gift more personally by loading family photos before and downloading useful apps such as iSlick, Bloom, Our Every Day Lunch and Intuition.

iPhone/iPad Cover: If you’re guilty of not calling or texting Mom enough, the least you can do is get her a nice iPhone or iPad cover. Turn her into the envy of her friends with a designer cover like this trendy Diane Von Furstenberg iPad leather-trimmed case.

Boogie Board Memo: Help Mom get the message across! This handy gift combines new technology with old school sticky notes and is under $30!

FitBi: There’s no better gift for Mom than the gift of health. With Fit Bit Flex wristband she can track her steps, distance and calories of each daily activity in style! This gift is perfect for Mom’s who want to make fitness a lifestyle.

Click and Grow: Still thinking of getting Mom some flowers? Click and Grow will make this flower bouquet the most exciting yet! Help her grow her plants without the hassle of watering and fertilizing.

LogMe In: We’ve all dreaded the usual “Tech Support” Mom call but this Mother’s Day you can setup to fix her computer remotely with LogMe In. Being able to view her screen will make answering those phone calls a lot easier.


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