Hanna Aase


Velocity Agency consist of some great people working there, all good hearted and talented people. Especially Robert the owner did a great job handling me as a client and I was impressed with his ability to make things happen. Thank you!

Alex D.

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I have been working at Velocity Agency for slightly over 2 years now. My official job title is “Video Editor”, but my responsibilities can range anywhere from sound design to assisting with productions. I had little experience when I started but every day is a new learning experience and I appreciate the opportunity I have been given. Everyone here is laid back, professional and a pleasure to work with, so it’s a pretty good environment overall.

Scott M.

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I enjoy working at Velocity because I get to solve problems in a creative way and my co-workers are fun to work with.

Danielle D.

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I love working with a group of people who challenge me to grow and excel in my field. I come into work every day looking forward to learning something new from my co-workers.

Chase T.

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Velocity is more than just direction and speed, it’s opportunity to propel oneself. For me, working here has allowed me to fine-tune my craft, improve my work ethic, and focus on the future.

Matt M.

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I like working here because I actively help businesses grow their revenue by putting their creative and their message in front of potential customers’ eyes and ears.

Layla S.

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I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at Velocity. The environment is like being a part of a family! My job is so enjoyable because I get to research and apply that research to help our clients grow and making them happy is worth it. I am very excited to be a part of this and can’t wait to see what’s next for Velocity!

Linda N.

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In the position of bookkeeper, you are usually in the background.  One of the things I like most at Velocity Agency is that I am also the office manager, which basically means I am always running around and interacting with my fellow employees.  Working at a Production and  Marketing Agency, there is always something going on, creative, intelligent, bright young minds always working.  I am proud seeing the finished product each and every time.  Our productions are always top notch, our services always bring more than what was expected to our clients, due to the diligence of our employees under …

Juliana K.

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Working at Velocity, it’s a great and learning experience. Every day I am challenged to do something new and follow new paths.

Kevin S.

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I’ve had the privilege of working in multiple departments here at Velocity Agency. In the first year I worked here I learned more than I had in my entire college career. My favorite part about working here is the team around me. We always support each other and it really shows in the quality of our work. Everyone is giving it their all every day.