Radio advertising still can reach a very large group of people at the same time.

A well-produced radio spot can inspire the imagination like nothing else. Without visual aids, the listener's mind is free to wander, free to conjure up fantastic and imaginative scenarios to hold their interest, make them laugh, and, most of all, to pay attention! While captivating an audience without the help of an applicable video montage can be a challenge, Velocity Agency does it with ease. Consumers that listen to the radio are usually passively listening, meaning; they are driving or working. Because of this, they typically don’t hear every word in a commercial or subconsciously tune it out. With our talented creative team, we produce high-quality scripts and hire game-changing talent to do the voice work.

Velocity Agency not only writes the captivating scripts: we know how to dispense it. If you run a small, medium, or large business and would like to get more qualified leads, faster than you are now, locally or nationally, advertising on the radio can be one of the most profitable advertising methods you’ll ever use.

We can help you choose what stations your advertisement plays on and effectively choose your target audience. Velocity Agency knows how to target the right audience to ensure that you get the most out of what radio advertising has to offer.

It can take weeks of work to put together a quality commercial for television, but when it comes to radio advertisements, Velocity Agency can produce them quickly. Our creative script writers even can compose multiple versions of the same radio ads at the same time, so that you can use them for different networks or days. This grants you the ability to keep your advertisements fresh and exciting, drawing in more listeners. You can tune in to your favorite station and learn why our radio spots have been running across the country for over 40 years!

Radio Spots