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The Internet has long been the new Wild West; sure it has its rules, but most rules are broken regularly and innovation is king, not money.  It is the only place where a talented college kid with an idea can topple a giant corporation and become a god overnight. What I have been viewing as the New American Dream. It is the only place where you can create a business for under $100 and where people are free to voice their opinions and succeed at whatever they want, as long as it’s good, which is decided by the public, not corporations.  It’s the freest and most volatile space on the planet.

However, yesterday January 16, 2014, The Federal Court ruled to end Net Neutrality. This will allow corporations to limit access to some businesses (the ones that can’t pay) and give better access to others (the ones that can). So if a threatening competitor to Google or Facebook pops up, these corporations could effectively prevent the new competitor from working as well or even at all, on their platforms. They could then tax the new business to death to work on it’s platforms and raise the bar for other competitors and developers to enter. This could effectively kill the dream.

Does the American Government want to end the online American Dream? Are we so in debt that the American Government is going to allow big corporations to become immortal? Is the American Dream no longer important to our government? The answer seems to be an empathetic yes. Thank you America, you may have just made Zuckerberg’s invention an immortal

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